Breaking The Chain

Never make someone a priority when all u are to them is an option – Maya Angelou

I find the above citation strongly agreeable and indeed logically relatable. It’s also a great reminder to help us remain grounded and sane though it’s very normal to witness people close to us, or even ourselves, inevitably acting over the line when we allow our emotion to dive further than a mere normal acquaintance. Normal means u are nothing to me, really. I also read somewhere a while ago a saying that cupid’s strike could even blind a genius, and boy isn’t it true.

No matter what, Angelou’s reminder should be an alarm to any of us who may tend to overreacting when comes to personal relations. Too many People believe tender affection & care to someone, whatever type it falls under, is blind. So do I unfortunately, but then we should always note to ourselves that allowing such blindness to overpower us would eventually bring pain and sadness rather than happiness we’re dreaming of. And it may get worsen when we are awakened by the reality that we have gotten involved with the unconventional object of affection.

Am not going to go further to relate it with various types of emotional attachment, but whatever the normenklatuur of the relationship is, being an option should always be delisted. I don’t label myself unreasonable but it’s me who would always prioritize those closed at heart by offering as much support and care as possible, especially when it comes to the adorable one who’s been specifically marked (with extra cheese 🧀). Therefore, in my view it’s normal and sane to expect a glimpse of affection and care in return, a voluntary protection and support once a while at the utmost needed situation. Failure to recognize the existence of such a gesture may actually a sign of discord in valuing the relation from both perspectives: maybe one has marked it wrongly as an enchanting (to the core) bonding between them; the counter party, on the other hand, has interpreted it otherwise as control or other negative labels. Therefore, unhappily holding a grudge against a request for support.

One is considered mere an option by another. Would it be the proper time to cut down the priority and devotional level to this unique platonic love. Would it also be time to slowly detangle the imbalance perspectives? Man proposes, God disposes. This is my faith.

Published by luckythirteen🌷sweetkitty

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