The Queen’s (Gambit)

The above Netflix miniseries are amazing and worth to watch. I especially enjoyed the initial sessions where orphanage chess prodigy Beth Harmon confidently (despite she’s actually under the influence of tranquilizers which was commonly dispensed to orphans during the setting of the movie) beat the arrogant male champion in her first ever regional chess tournament. Later due to time constraint to watch all episodes, I chose to read the synopsis and picked only episodes considered most interesting.

If in chess the Queen’s Gambit is about the initial strategy in order to win the game, here I am going to talk about another meaning of gambit. This gambit also relates to strategy and move, but otherwise dodge or tricky. My previous writing at: has discussed lightly about a character alike.

Some people enjoy the trick to pose as multiple personalities, using numerous identities with whatever reasons they have in mind. Mostly with the purpose to bamboozle their targets to believe otherwise. Persons like this may assume it is for fun (stupidly non-relatable assholes to associate tricking others merely to enjoy its sensational thrills), others may come out with the idea to seek for attention, or because of the uncontrollable emotional drives to be manipulative.

People with such negative intention should actually seek help or at least fight back to overcome the excessive strong drive to act pretentiously using various false identities to fool others. Despite it may be a sign of psychological disorders, no secret some do it on purpose for personal gains: using various names, personal profile pictures, or acting or talking as if there are different personalities (in one person). Shame on these cheap manipulative juggles!

Do not try to fool the eyes of the Queen: deeply mesmerizing and penetrating with the capacity
to recognize hidden schemes.

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