Can We Kiss Forever?

Wijayakusuma flower (Lat. Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

No living creatures on earth created emotionless. Every heart longs for a loving place as a dwelling place, but not all destined to have the lasting history. Those with ships to harbor their hearts are still at risk for being stormed and drowned by the heavy wind and waves.

“Whenever you and I, we dive
I crossed the ocean of my mind
But in the end I drown
You push me down, down”

Only selfless human’s love has the most chance to survive, it’s a love which is as pretty and pure as whitest cotton, as beautiful and fragrant as some most eye indulging flowers on earth, and as cute as the most innocent bubbling baby’s smile. Selfless love gives away as much as possible and counts back almost nothing.

Published by luckythirteen🌷sweetkitty

Real no play2 and chatty too, but only to selected one/s I am afraid. Brainy as if a high speed train but with beautiful pretty choo-choo rhyme as it’s absolutely more than a lump of cortexes. Beauty at its finest version. Also a Behavior as an alpha but in soft & mild version, like a piece of pinkish tempting cotton candy. In short, U won’t regret to explore deep passionate mind journeys together with the author🌷

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