Angel of Justice

There are times when we’re emotionally and spiritually drained & vulnerable. Time when we can easily lose our cool even against slightest trigger encountered in life. Small trivial incident may tickle the epicentral of our temper to explode. What a disaster!

It’s a human’s biggest source of failure indeed, the incapacity to control the emotional drive. Especially the negative vibe radiates from deep inside us.

I don’t know how, but I’m feeling that the pour of justice may be on its way currently. Something long thought as irregular emotional reaction against the past painful trauma may now at the paycheck table. We are only normal human beings after all, ain’t a saint yet.

Everyone of us on earth is mortal eventually, be prepared to embrace the end of the journey one day by always observing our words, attitude and by giving out as massive acts of kindness to others as possible. Before it’s too late, before the Angel of Justice has almost made His arrival at our doorway. Be prepared!

And for those who are still struggling at the moment: in out loud pain or in silence, may the love of universe be with u. May God’s divine mercy is showered to u more than His sword of justice. May all of us experience eternal painless peace in the endđź’—

Published by luckythirteen🌷sweetkitty

Real no play2 and chatty too, but only to selected one/s I am afraid. Brainy as if a high speed train but with beautiful pretty choo-choo rhyme as it’s absolutely more than a lump of cortexes. Beauty at its finest version. Also a Behavior as an alpha but in soft & mild version, like a piece of pinkish tempting cotton candy. In short, U won’t regret to explore deep passionate mind journeys together with the author🌷

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