In The End

Song by: Linkin’ Park One thing I don’t know whyIt doesn’t even matter how hard you tryKeep that in mind, I designed this rhymeTo explain in due timeAll I knowTime is a valuable thingWatch it fly by as the pendulum swingsWatch it count down to the end of the dayThe clock ticks life awayIt’s soContinue reading “In The End”

Can We Kiss Forever?

No living creatures on earth created emotionless. Every heart longs for a loving place as a dwelling place, but not all destined to have the lasting history. Those with ships to harbor their hearts are still at risk for being stormed and drowned by the heavy wind and waves. “Whenever you and I, we diveIContinue reading “Can We Kiss Forever?”

Dusk Till Dawn

•But you’ll never be aloneI’ll be with you from dusk till dawnI’ll be with you from dusk till dawnBaby, I’m right here.I’ll hold you when things go wrongI’ll be with you from dusk till dawnI’ll be with you from dusk till dawnBaby, I’m right here• Never a fan of Zayn but once a while whenContinue reading “Dusk Till Dawn”

Breaking The Chain

Never make someone a priority when all u are to them is an option – Maya Angelou I find the above citation strongly agreeable and indeed logically relatable. It’s also a great reminder to help us remain grounded and sane though it’s very normal to witness people close to us, or even ourselves, inevitably actingContinue reading “Breaking The Chain”

Are You Trying To Manipulate Me, Flowers?

There’s no such a pity life than a life full of suspicion and negative perception about others. No matter one’s age, educational background and a profession that a person claimed to live at, if his/her mindset is short, closed, and overwhelmed by conspiracy theories, no good reason will encourage that creature to sacrifice his/her twistedContinue reading “Are You Trying To Manipulate Me, Flowers?”

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