Standing Bold & Pretty

Standing out differently does not necessarily mean that we’re weird or anti-mainstream. Eccentricity is indeed unique, interesting and unusually sexy! Yes, u got me right. U’re hot the way u’re, no need artificial touch ups or camouflage.
Here’s a picture of piles of catchy “Kecombrang” (lat. Etlingera elatior) at a traditional wet market. They have unusual outlook and good smell.

In our early life journey, hardly we realized how much we have unconsciously picked up from our surroundings and those who were closed to us. It might be our parents, siblings, our close relatives, house assistant/s, friends or even friends of our friends or people encountered in our growing up process. What makes us now if traced back may include a long list of names, figures, characters, incidents and experiences.

When I was still very young at primary school, I remembered to always admired a bunch of young polished girls who were at the same class with me. They were from well-off families, or at least that’s what the impressions sent out to others through how they talked, their school accessories (bags, pencil cases, cute pens or pencils, erasers etc), jewelries they wore and even from the generosity of regular gifting to teachers. I honestly was not in the same financial position as theirs, but then we all went to the same school and even sit in the same classes until we graduated to junior high (there was no practice yet at the time to roll students to different classes every year like now, so we’d meet the same flocks of classmates from the beginning to the end of the study terms). How much at the time, my innocent young mind sometimes wanted to look or imitate them, at least up to certain point: the easy access to always being appointed to represent the class to the more polished (and considered more sophisticated) cultural performances or competitions, meaning some dancing rehearsals and other fine/more delicate activities, rather than the girl scout or sport events during class meetings which I was outstanding at.

That’s only an example of how much influence we absorb from those around us, and how that influence also shapes us to be who we are eventually. Because I was a bit boyish when I was younger, despite my girlish features, I was more courageous to do activities considered slightly rough for young girls at my age, such as cyclings to explore many corners of my hometown with my best friend during our free time in the afternoons, standing up to bullies by older young men who actually meant to tease us but we saw it as annoying to hell (how could u enjoy your favorite snacking moment at a food cart when those mature young men were teasingly appraising your look which at the time we did not understand at all that it was actually a flirt. Damned those perverts!), booked myself in an (almost free, as we dipped in very little amount of fee monthly) English courses at the city hall and even went to register myself as a member in public library. These all happened when I was not even reaching the age of 15. At the time, being 15 was still ‘dumb’ and innocent, unlike now. It’s a total different era now and then.

I must say all experiences & exposures above provide a huge impact in shaping me to who I am now: still nobody now but at least a rock solid and courageous dare to be different alpha (loving and caring) human being.

Yes, u may look cold or seem unapproachable, u may take an unusual life path to be your pure self, or you can dress or talk the way u want to without being dictated by fashion or general trend. As long as u still respect the norm, not a burden, a parasite to your family or your community, just continue to be yourself. Standing bold and pretty (or good looking ooh whatever the term is) with that unusual, slightly rebellious, stubborn and outspoken style, but mixed with kind sweet (as jelly) and delicate attitude (as cotton candy), will speak more about the real you rather than a boring programmed human being to meet the market standard! Being who you’re is extremely hot and a good catch, really! Smile☺️

Loving Too Much

To Make U Feel My Love

•When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

•When the evening shadows and the stars appear
And there is no one there to dry your tears
I could hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love•

This beautiful song by Adele is undeniably deep and soul-touching with warm and lovely melody & lyrics. We can feel the sweet and sentimental flows of emotion from the song. It makes our imagination flies and being carried away through our inner immersion and mix of feelings.

In this world full of colors and various characters and languages spoken, it’s almost a common phenomenon for lovebirds, those who are deeply in love, to turn to beautiful strain of vocabularies and music to communicate their emotions, their longing to be physically closed to their objects of affection or to be just expressive and being out loud about their feelings. But being excessively royal with tonnes of flowery vows to love forever in the future no matter the weather or luck brings the relationship afterwards may really sound absurd like empty promises.

Well, as a normal human being who have experienced falling in love and also being loved, those beautiful mind-blowing languages may sound slightly too much and overdoing. There comes a time when those who are madly crazily under the spell of love fairies would be awakened to realize how much rubbish has actually been spilled out from their insanity of falling heavily in love. I am not saying love drunks people with illogicality, but allowing ourselves to make too much promises when we’re being intoxicated (by love) is actually like morning birds chirping strain of sweet unexplained noises: beautiful to hear but hard to digest.

It’s my personal view that success in living a long lasting love story does not necessarily depend on how much promises made to our spouse, but more on how much hard work in real and dedication that both of the lovebirds put to cherish the commitment and to spice up the promises. This would no doubt bring the love to surpass the test of time. But always keep in mind too that “Too much love will kill u”. Love must be in sanity & always be two sided!

“I gave myself to him
And took himself for pay.
The solemn contract of a life
Was ratified this way.”
Emily Dickinson

Breaking The Chain

Never make someone a priority when all u are to them is an option – Maya Angelou

I find the above citation strongly agreeable and indeed logically relatable. It’s also a great reminder to help us remain grounded and sane though it’s very normal to witness people close to us, or even ourselves, inevitably acting over the line when we allow our emotion to dive further than a mere normal acquaintance. Normal means u are nothing to me, really. I also read somewhere a while ago a saying that cupid’s strike could even blind a genius, and boy isn’t it true.

No matter what, Angelou’s reminder should be an alarm to any of us who may tend to overreacting when comes to personal relations. Too many People believe tender affection & care to someone, whatever type it falls under, is blind. So do I unfortunately, but then we should always note to ourselves that allowing such blindness to overpower us would eventually bring pain and sadness rather than happiness we’re dreaming of. And it may get worsen when we are awakened by the reality that we have gotten involved with the unconventional object of affection.

Am not going to go further to relate it with various types of emotional attachment, but whatever the normenklatuur of the relationship is, being an option should always be delisted. I don’t label myself unreasonable but it’s me who would always prioritize those closed at heart by offering as much support and care as possible, especially when it comes to the adorable one who’s been specifically marked (with extra cheese 🧀). Therefore, in my view it’s normal and sane to expect a glimpse of affection and care in return, a voluntary protection and support once a while at the utmost needed situation. Failure to recognize the existence of such a gesture may actually a sign of discord in valuing the relation from both perspectives: maybe one has marked it wrongly as an enchanting (to the core) bonding between them; the counter party, on the other hand, has interpreted it otherwise as control or other negative labels. Therefore, unhappily holding a grudge against a request for support.

One is considered mere an option by another. Would it be the proper time to cut down the priority and devotional level to this unique platonic love. Would it also be time to slowly detangle the imbalance perspectives? Man proposes, God disposes. This is my faith.


What’s in your mind when reading the title above? Some may immediately replay and direct their memories to a beautiful sensual Italian beauty once considered the most beautiful female leading actress many years ago, Ms. Sophia Loren. Others may indulge in their own past memories, sweet or whatever they are, which connect them to the name. Many people who are at a deeper level of their life & spiritual journey, on the other hand, may immediately set their mind to the streams of deep and mind-tickling philosophical wisdom they hold tight at heart.

For me personally, Sofia always brings out many special memories in life as well as uncountable flows of warm (and sometimes mellow) emotional recollections. Sophia indeed is my never ending love story. Even till my last breath.

Let’s click and listen to the upbeat and cheerful song by a Cuban singer Alvaro Soler, and enjoy the hype from the melodies to bring you to the pedestal of your emotional ecstasy. Bravo & cheers to dearest Sofia, always with tones of LOVE💗

Once a Use And Ever a Custom

Creative version of online graduation: once never thought of, now it’s almost a custom at this pandemic situation.

The saying above is best used to describe the shift of mentality from an action or a person. It also explains the process of transformation, either to an object or to a character. Look at the picture above and the caption below it. Have we ever imagined to witness a very important stage of our young people’s life as such? However, at this moment of time, virtual or online graduation is no longer something unusual to us. It’s even becoming a new norm to our young people who have to graduate at this pandemic season, but who are longing to experience the ambience of real sending off. Now almost all school or university graduations everywhere in the globe whether it’s the Ivy League or local ones are accustomed to virtual ceremonies. The shifting of the graduation process in the past a year may be one good example to describe such a saying.

Similarly is human’s tendency to mask up any possible unfavorable encounter against his/her interest or expectation. Here we are talking about people who are living double lives to cover up their real identities for whatever reasons are.

A writer may use a pseudonym with the purpose to separate his/her professional life with his/her real life. There’s nothing wrong with it provided the logic is clear and not posing any harm to others. It becomes otherwise if the purpose behind is somewhat negative. We could not judge but there’s always something to question, especially in term of the actor’s “motive/s”, when camouflage is obviously rough and persistent.

One day the person is “A” and another he/she becomes “B”. Maybe that person loves the changing face games or maybe he/she becomes addicted to be someone else. Or worse, that person actually has a hidden agenda.

At this social media era, it’s so common to encounter characters like that. Let’s use an example of an obsessed fan who may create various accounts to bombard his/her object of obsession. Or a lunatic fanboy/girl who pretends to be somebody else in order to reach out to his/her object of desire for how many times we don’t know. This maybe after his/her initial move or account being rejected or blocked. People of this twisted mind may have tried the cover up once or twice, even thrice until it becomes a norm for there’s no longer hesitation to be pretentious. This best describes the “once a use and ever a custom” attitude in that person. People of this character may be just there sitting close to any of us, eyeing at our accounts or even started to make his/her initial move with a “Like” before attempting another approach to get closer. They do exist, beware!


Our feeling can whisper a thousand glimpses of untold emotion: from our surroundings, from those we encounter casually in our lives, up to the emotional signals beamed from our loved ones, people who are close to us and those who carry very special meaning to our hearts. Our mind also absorb a not so positive vibe of emotion radiates by disappointment, anger, distrust, hypocrisy and other negative energy.

However, it is up to us to decide which type of energy we want to deal more intensely: is it more on care and love, or hatred, suspicion or misleading life principle. Look at the lion and lioness at the above picture, feel how much love radiates from their interaction. Both are grand animals with big ego for sure. If animals of such majestic characters, look and appeal could manage to bow down to each other to further share such an amazing emotional affection, human beings must be ashamed of their incapacity to at least keep up to, if not love more than, those two lovebirds. Wow, apparently the keyword is here: “love”. Yes, love seems to be the ultimate undeniable element that dissolves all differences and ego from any creatures, to further unite those with the same emotional frequency into a very special almost unbreakable bonding.

If people care more on being persistent to their very personal beliefs or principles, that prevent them to be sincere in expressing their emotion no matter it’s only platonic, rather than cheerfully embrace the value and meaning of love, they undeniably are miserable creatures to have ever existed. Why? Because they’ve missed the most soul-touching delicacy in life offered by that emotional thrill called love. They may still experience the joy of being loved (are they not selfish, really?) but may find it hard to return the affection. Such attitude creates a pitiful & unbalance give & take relationship, because really, love requires mutual sacrifices and compromising from both sides. Haven’t u remembered the old saying that it takes two to tango.

“It’s affection, always
You’re gonna see it someday
My attention for you
Even if it’s not what you need”

(Affection, by Cigarettes After Sex)

Are You Trying To Manipulate Me, Flowers?

There’s no such a pity life than a life full of suspicion and negative perception about others. No matter one’s age, educational background and a profession that a person claimed to live at, if his/her mindset is short, closed, and overwhelmed by conspiracy theories, no good reason will encourage that creature to sacrifice his/her twisted brain to believe that there’s something colorful outta awaiting his/her good judgment. This person will surely use tones of philosophical theories to prevent real love to take over. Such a loser, isn’t it? Full of negative accusations to others.

So flowers, are u trying to manipulate me? Wanting to control over my independence by list of your reasonings? Over my dead body, pretty flowers.

Flowers replied, “U’ve indeed (slowly) died (in my heart) pal. Your words are mere beautiful poetic teachings for others but for you! Are u not like the Parisian religious leaders who set high standards for their followers except for themselves. U prevent kindness and humanity takes charge with your suspicious dirty brain, with your acute self-centredness about your embedded values etc. You make yourself pathetic as if humanity for values rather than otherwise: values serve and for the sake of human beings! Alas U don’t even care about the meaning of support system (to others): apparently U only care about me, me and me! Complete epitome of selfishness.

Sanity is Rare; Fake is Everywhere and it may be just next to YOU!

There are stupid bitches whining most of the time; There are asshole lads waiting for cheap chicks for free ride; there they come with masks to cover up from prying eyes: one covered his blackened heart with long shiny coat and the chick with pretentious innocent coquettish squeaking voices; indeed they both are digging their own graveyard, at its time!

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